DeKalb School District Pre K Screening

The ELDC has monthly screenings as well as bi-annual community screenings. Parents can call Kany Rojo at 815-754-2361 to schedule a screening for your child.

The DeKalb Community Unit School District #428 along with 4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care is offering Birth to Preschool screening. This is a free service offered to all children Birth to Three years old and Preschoolers, ages 3-5, in the DeKalb, Cortland, and Malta communities. Parents are urged to take part in this service.

The screening process will include educational, speech, and language screenings. The screening also includes feedback for the parents on the screening results.

Your child changes rapidly through the preschool years and an annual check-up for his/her education progress is strongly recommended. This service is just one way of finding preschoolers who may need extra help before the start of Kindergarten.

Screening Dates 2022-23

Thurs./Fri. August 18 & 19 Comm. Screening

Friday, September 23rd

Friday, October 14th

Friday, November 11th

Friday, December 16th

Friday, January 20th

Thurs./Fri., March 2 & 3Comm. Screening

Friday, April 14 th

Friday, April 28th Bilingual (as needed)

Friday, May 5th